Digital Savvy For
Senior Living Marketers.

At Markentum, we geek out on marketing trends, insights, and emerging technologies from all over the senior living market. Here’s what’s on our minds now.

Digital Marketing: Targeting Senior Living Prospects More Effectively

Markentum is sharing a tips on targeting the senior population more effectively through your digital marketing efforts!

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Video Storytelling: 5 Ideas for Your Senior Living Community

We have the ability to capture stories in real-time. Pull out your phone and start filming these video ideas for your senior living community!

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Get Creative: Adding QR Codes to Your Digital Marketing

Markentum shares why QR codes are becoming the preferred method for distributing information and data, and how to add them to your marketing efforts.

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Using Content Marketing to be a Resource for Your Senior Living Audience

Our team at Markentum specializes in senior living marketing and shares ways that you can become a resource and provide solutions for your audience.

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5 Ways to Improve Your Senior Living Community’s Social Media Marketing

Markentum wants to share simple (yet important) practices you should be using to enhance your senior living community’s social media marketing efforts.

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Understanding the Senior Living Sales Cycle

Understanding how senior living prospects move through the buyer’s journey can help marketing and sales teams customize their efforts to their audience.

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