Leverage The
Full Power
Of Your Brand.

Too often, agencies simply put a client’s logo on templated assets, change the colors and call it good. That’s not branding. And that’s not what you’ll get with Markentum. Our experts are highly-skilled at helping senior living communities truly understand who they are and how best to express their brand voice, personality, and visuals. When your brand stands out, people notice.

Brand marketing is about storytelling.

At Markentum, we don’t see ads, emails, and web pages, we see opportunities to build a relationship with your audience by telling your senior living community story in diverse ways. Based on deep insights into different media types, we’ll help you effectively bring your community’s voice, values, and culture to life, improving brand awareness, trust, and interest.

Brand is everything, and everything is brand.



Brand Strategy

Brand strategy.

Whether you need to build a brand from scratch or you want to improve an established brand, our strategists can help you define your unique brand voice, vision, values, and the overall position you want in your market. Together, we’ll think beyond your logo and develop a brand strategy that sets success in motion. It’s the heart of every marketing engine, and it directs everything we do.

Identity development.

Logo design.

Your logo is the cornerstone of your brand. Our designers will create a logo that is unique and memorable.

Brand guidelines.

A brand guideline establishes consistency across all mediums by setting standards for every aspect of your brand identity.

Stationery design.

Covering everything from business cards to letterhead, our stationery designers will create brand authority and ensure every communication is professional and personal.

Brand Identity