Web Design & Development

Websites That
Empower Conversations
and Conversions.

Older adults, and their families, are going to spend a significant amount of time on your website. It needs to be much more than a collection of pretty pages. Markentum’s deep expertise in website design and development will ensure your site makes a personal brand impression, engages and educates visitors, and answers their questions, and gives prospects ample opportunities to feel confident about contacting you.

Conversations are the key.

Markentum specializes in creating senior living websites that are highly engaging, interactive experiences. Websites where people feel part of a conversation that’s informative, easy to navigate, and personally relevant. Connecting online with people during all stages of their decision-making journey is the key to building trust and spurring prospects to take action.

According to Think With Google, a majority of seniors spend at least six hours a day online and own an average of five devices.

Conversions are the goal.

When a website does a great job enabling conversations, it becomes easier to encourage and drive conversions. After all, using online interactions to generate qualified, real-world leads should be the business goal for every senior living website. Markentum will deliver rapid results, but we’ll also use insights and data to realize month-over-month improvements after initial launch.

Web Design / Development

Our Full-Stack Process.

Website development.

Websites that grow with you.

We build websites that will grow with you and continually improve the overall performance of your website.

Rapid update requests.

Need to update your amenities, add an activity calendar, or have a new floor plan? No problem. All requests are rapidly and automatically assigned and completed by a Markentum expert.

Internal and client collaboration.

Our team is your team. When we find or learn about innovations that will improve your site, we’ll collaborate both internally and with you so your site has every capability you need and nothing you don’t.

Custom and responsive design.

Responsive web design.

The digital lifestyle of seniors is changing – rapidly. That’s why we build your website to be viewed flawlessly on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Custom WordPress development.

Your custom website is built from scratch using the WordPress content management system to provide optimal design, care, functionality, security, and maintenance. And it’s transferable to any WordPress server.

Always evolving technology.

Web technologies evolve constantly. Our web team is always proactively learning, improving skills, and staying current to ensure your web presence leverages the latest tech from Chatbots to interactive floor plans and everything in between.

Analytics, optimization, and security.

Google Analytics.

Through a snippet of code on your website, we analyze and track website traffic, conversion paths, engagement rates, and more. We pass this information to you with clear visuals and insights.

Search engine visibility.

We increase search engine visibility through clean code and small modifications to your website that improve user experience and overall performance.

Proactive protection.

Your website is your largest digital asset. We perform regular back-ups, improvements, and security updates to protect your information, brand, and business.