Content Strategy and Development

Content Is the Heart
Of Your Senior Living

At Markentum, we believe that content has unfortunately become a technical term. And it shouldn’t be. We help senior living communities rethink content as the heart of conversations with prospects. Your content should be stories and digital interactions that make your senior living prospects feel something, learn something or answer something.

Content that sees people, not just users.

Whether it’s a blog, a video, resident stories, or an infographic, we’ll help you create empathetic, informative, and reassuring content that addresses the concerns of older adults while highlighting the benefits of your community. When done right, content that sees people instead of buyers allows you to better personalize your message and nurture leads toward conversion.

We create content
as diverse as the
seniors you serve.

Educational Content

Educational content.

Many older adults and families navigating senior living options need guidance. Educational content provides them with the information they need to make confident, informed decisions about senior living communities and care. Our expert writers and design team can position your senior living community as a knowledgeable and trustworthy resource, while providing online researchers with the advice and support they need.

  • Blogs and featured stories
  • eBooks
  • Infographics
  • Checklists and guides

Interactive resources.

Static websites are a thing of the past. Today’s tech savvy senior living communities use the engaging capabilities of interactive design to bring their senior living experience to life for prospects. Our experts will show you how to enable people to take an active role in their decision-making journey.

  • Calculators
  • Surveys
  • 3D Floor Plans
  • Virtual Tours
Interactive Resources
Digital Experiences

Digital experiences.

Visual content is one of the most popular, and powerful, ways to tell your senior living community’s stories. We can help you capture the attention of your audience and create a strong emotional connection by leveraging the people, facilities, amenities and elements that make your communities unique.

  • Branded videos
  • Testimonial videos
  • Animations
  • Custom photography

Optimized for effectiveness.

Our left and right brains are always working. Markentum’s content team ensures that your content is personal to your prospects and effective for your business.

  • Proven calls-to-action.
  • Optimized for sharing and search ranking.
  • Built for brand awareness and authority.