Reach And
Connect With
Prospective Residents.

Senior living marketing is about meeting, understanding, educating, and helping people make the best decisions for themselves and their families. Markentum will help you define and build on a brand that connects with future residents on a personal level. We’ll deploy powerful technology that quickly reaches prospects and powers valuable online interactions. And we’ll enable strategic SEO to raise your community to the top of the search list.

Senior Living:
An Emotional Decision.
Driven by Data.

Emotion: An instinctive or intuitive feeling.

Data: Facts and statistics collected together for reference or analysis.


There’s more to a strong brand than a good logo. Discover how Markentum can help you define, personalize and leverage the full power of your brand.

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Website Design and Development.

Markentum is highly skilled at designing and building websites that serve as a powerful, interactive hub for engaging conversations and generating a steady stream of qualified lead conversions.

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Strategic SEO.

Effective SEO is more than just ranking for your community name. See how Markentum’s expertise and insights will increase both the volume and quality of prospective resident traffic.

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