Case Study

Harbor Retirement Associates (HRA)
Lead Nurturing


HarborChase Senior Living Communities are operated by Harbor Retirement Associates (HRA), a vertically integrated regional senior living development and management company. HarborChase/HRA has been partnering with Markentum since 2018 to generate leads and provide concise, organized data regarding their digital marketing efforts.


Enhanced lead quality and sales effectiveness for HarborChase, resulting in improved prospect engagement and conversion rates.


  • Initial Oversight: The initial integration between HubSpot and Sherpa lacked nuanced lead qualification, resulting in low-level leads being passed on. This oversight stemmed from a gap in addressing the buyer’s journey beyond lead qualification, leading to inefficiencies in lead management and potentially impacting sales productivity.

  • Inadequate Post- MQL Strategy: Despite a 51% conversionrate to Marketing Qualified Leads(MQLs), the partner’s lead nurturing strategy neglected the post-MQL buyer’s journey. This oversight hindered lead qualification accuracy, emphasizing the need to refine post-MQL strategies for improved sales effectiveness.

Advertising Obstacles

Solution: Lead Nurturing

Markentum implemented a tailored solution to optimize lead nurturing for HarborChase. This comprehensive strategy included:

  • Updating the HubSpot/Sherpa integration to receive sales stage data in HubSpot
  • Leveraging the sales stage data to segment email
  • Targeting each audience with messaging corresponding to their specific stage in the sales funnel
  • Coordinating with the HarborChase sales team on the content and timing of each email

This synchronized approach, coupled with the implementation of workflows designed to guide prospects through their individual journeys, culminated in the successful launch of the strategy in May 2021, heralding a new era of efficient and targeted lead nurturing for HarborChase.


The lead nurturing workflows averaged an open rate of 27% and a click through rate of 11% The three-month program converted 37 prospects into moved-in customers.

Increase in Open Rate