Paid Advertising

Paid Advertising Powers
Fast Impressions
And Ready Leads.

Smart paid social and search engine advertising strategies are essential to increasing website traffic, increasing conversions, and obtaining higher-quality leads. Markentum will help you tailor your digital advertising strategy, messaging, and design to maximize the impact of impressions and the return on your investment.

The synergy of paid, social, and search.

Paid advertising can significantly fuel prospect action when it’s combined with actively growing your social media brand presence. Together, they create both top- and bottom-of-the-funnel synergy that will increase your volume and speed-to-lead.

Custom ad campaigns turn digital traffic into onsite visitors.

Paid advertising on social and search are powerful ways to spread the word about your senior living community and quickly turn clicks into personalized leads, and leads into residents. Working together, we’ll plan your strategy, develop all necessary creative, and monitor and adjust strategies in real time.

Ad Campaigns
Conversion-based Strategy

Conversion-based strategy.

We use proven advertising approaches that directly communicate specific calls-to-action with your target audience.

Landing page development.

Our paid ads team supports paid campaign efforts with optimized web pages designed specifically to take prospects down the marketing funnel and encourage conversions.

Landing Page Development
Custom Ad Creation

Custom ad creation.

Gone are the days of slapping text and images together and calling it an ad. We’ll provide rich, interactive advertising campaigns backed by a defined marketing strategy.

Results reporting.

Execute, test, report, repeat. We proactively monitor and report your campaign results on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis, which allows us to adjust accordingly and continually improve results.


We make the world’s
biggest platforms
work for you.

By intimately knowing your audience, we’ll help you pick the right platforms. Here is how we fully leverage two of the world’s biggest digital arenas.

Facebook Advertising

Connect with seniors in the meta-verse.

Goal-oriented campaigns.

Regardless of your goals–drive web traffic, educate your audience, increase conversions, grow your social media presence, or boost visibility – Facebook advertising can help you reach your goals.

A/B ad testing.

Even the most successful campaigns can be improved. That’s why we constantly test ads. Whether it’s audiences or creative, we always strive for better results.

Pinpoint targeting.

Target your ads to only show to your ideal move-in prospect or their family through specific locations, demographic information, purchasing behavior, or web analytics.

Fully-managed service.

The greatest advertising campaigns take time and attention. That’s why we offer a fully-managed solution including start-to-finish monitoring to maximize results.

Timely results.

We pride ourselves in realizing rapid results. No waiting and no long-term investment of marketing dollars. ROI drives everything we do.