Case Study

Franciscan Ministries
Content Development


According to Forrester Research, today’s consumer engages with 114 pieces of content before making a purchase. Blogs are a powerful way to help shape the buyer’s criteria while building trust in a brand. Markentum built and continues to manage a content and blog strategy for Franciscan Ministries that brings potential buyers to its site and helps them navigate senior living and housing options while showcasing the Franciscan brand.


Increase website traffic by 20%. Communities in the Franciscan Ministries family were much less visible than competitors.


  • Before partnering with Markentum, Franciscan Ministries was posting two blog per month but wasn’t leveraging SEO to its full extent or consistently promoting blogs via social media and other digital channels.

  • Franciscan launched its blog strategy before redesigning and developing a new website. Blogs helped “bridge the gap” between current and future messaging.

Advertising Obstacles

Targeted &
Consistent Content

Franciscan Communities is a division of the Franciscan Sisters of Chicago and offers senior care, education, and community-based services. Recognized as a leader in senior housing and healthcare services, it currently owns and manages senior living communities in Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio.

Markentum publishes two biogs per month, incorporating location-based terms and target keywords. In addition, Markentum developed a consistent schedule to promote new and old biogs through Franciscan Ministries’ social media profiles. Markentum also pushes this content through email marketing channels to nurture and stay top of mind for those consumers not yet ready to make a move-in decision.


Since launching new content for Franciscan Ministries and pushing it through multiple channels,Markentum generated measurably higher blog and organic traffic, over a nine-month period between April 2022 and December 2022. This improvement also led to an increase in move-ins.

37% Increase in Blog Views
31% Increase in Organic Blog Traffic