Email Marketing

Email Marketing Strategy.

Email marketing is both art and science. From messaging and nurture strategies to designs tailored to older audiences, Markentum knows how to effectively market your services to future residents and their families through brand, education, and lead-oriented emails.


of Baby Boomers consider email to be the most personal channel for receiving brand communications.


How we gain trust and clicks in the inbox.

Strategic campaign development.

Email strategy is all about delivering the right message at the right time. We’ll help you develop and launch effective campaigns that build, nurture, and maintain relationships with prospects.

Relevancy meets positivity.

Making a senior living decision takes time. We can show you how to keep your conversations going with emails that have both relevant and positive information for prospects and their families.

Lead nurturing.

The key to nurturing leads is to understand who email recipients are and where they are in their buyer’s journey. Our team is skilled at building marketing nurture tracks that educate, engage and keep moving prospects down the funnel to conversion.

Integrated event marketing.

We love to help communities develop an integrated social approach that maximizes in-person events. Done right, properly promoted community events can fast track the prospect-to-resident conversion.