Case Study

Harbor Retirement Associates
Paid Advertising


For long-time client Harbor Retirement Associates (HRA). Markentum has consistently bested the industry-standard paid advertising results while always working to continuously improve. With 38 HarborChase communities in a wide-spread geography, each location requires unique strategies and tactics to achieve a high market share.


Improve Website Traffic Quality & Bottom-Of-The-Funnel Results.


  • The campaigns were already successful by any standard in the industry. Improving a campaign that is already doing well requires high-level refinement and attention to minute details.

  • Adhering to the Fair Housing Act advertising limitations meant the team needed to get creative in attracting new viewers to its ads and content.

Advertising Obstacles

Solution: Community Customization

The Vero Beach, Florida headquarters team prides itself on providing high-quality senior housing that is unique to each town. Communities are promoted individually to showcase the local experiences.

Diving deep into each individual community campaign, Markentum was able to optimize keywords, targeting, and advertising content across Facebook and Google for each community campaign. We increased the budget 77 percent and adjusted the spend distribution between the two paid ad platforms depending on response.

To quantify the results, Markentum compared Q4 2022 results to Q4 2021 data for all 38 communities and saw increases across several measures including the number of leads from prospects actively searching for a community.


Despite the actual number of impressions decreasing by eight percent, actual website click-thru traffic increased 33 percent because the ads reached a more qualified audience. At the same time, cost per click-thru decreased 15 percent, and a one percent increase in total conversions led to an increase of 60% in the number prospects scheduling appointments.

Increase in Click-thru Ratio
Decrease in Cost-per-click
Increase in Qualified Leads