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Digital Savvy For
Senior Living Marketers.

At Markentum, we geek out on marketing trends, insights, and emerging technologies from all over the senior living market. Here’s what’s on our minds now.

Building Trust: How Testimonials Boost Your Senior Living Marketing

As a senior living operator, one of the most powerful tools you have to build this essential trust is the testimonial. Learn how testimonials from satisfied residents can enhance your senior living marketing and turn potential leads into committed residents.

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Your Community Value Comes to Life When You Showcase Your Heroes

Markentum is sharing how to you can showcase your community's value by implementing caregiver and resident heroes into your stories.

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Introducing Facebook’s New Page Experience

Markentum wants to help you make the most of this update, so we share everything you need to know about Facebook’s new page experience.

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Content Marketing for Senior Living Doesn’t Have to be Boring

Content marketing for senior housing does not have to be (and shouldn't be) boring, and our team at Markentum is sharing how.

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Digital Marketing: Targeting Senior Living Prospects More Effectively

Markentum is sharing a tips on targeting the senior population more effectively through your digital marketing efforts!

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Using Content Marketing to be a Resource for Your Senior Living Audience

Our team at Markentum specializes in senior living marketing and shares ways that you can become a resource and provide solutions for your audience.

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