Content Marketing for Senior Living Doesn’t Have to be Boring

November 15, 2022

Content Marketing for Senior Living Doesn’t Have to be Boring

Content marketing is essential in any industry, for any business. It helps drive traffic, gain new leads or customers, and build authority for your brand.

It can be tempting to stick to the technical side of marketing, but this is not what your target audience will remember or how they will connect with your brand or community. So your senior living digital marketing strategy has to go beyond this.

Content marketing for senior housing does not have to be (and shouldn’t be) boring, and our team at Markentum is sharing how.

Add Dimension

Yes, you want to back up your claims with facts, figures, statistics, etc. However, if this is all you do, you’re not creating an emotional connection with your audience.

Moving into a senior living community is an emotional process, whether an individual is looking for themselves or a loved one. Therefore, you want your senior living digital marketing strategy to meet your audience where they are in their journey and appeal to their emotions.

Adding creative and engaging content to complement the technical aspects of your marketing strategy will add dimension to your brand and help your content resonate with your target audience, making it more memorable.

Utilize Each Step of the Customer Journey

Like any business or industry, you need to have a good understanding of your target audience. This way, you can customize a marketing strategy for your senior living community and create content that is catered to your audience and that you know they will connect with.

Once you know who your audience is, you will need to meet them where they are on their customer or buyer’s journey – a term used to describe how an individual becomes aware and interacts with your brand.

For example, during the awareness phase, you want to create content that grabs your target audience’s attention, connects with them emotionally, and provides more information. This type of content for a senior living community could include blog articles about senior health and wellness or what to look for in senior living communities. As your audience moves down the funnel, you could start presenting them with content highlighting more of your community’s specific offerings and what makes you unique.

This approach to senior living digital marketing is far less boring than creating generic content intended for anyone who may come across it. You know that your efforts in creating engaging content are not wasted since you cater your content to the people looking for it.

Stay on Top of Trends

If you want to stay current, participating in the latest marketing trends is one of the best ways to create content that is exciting. Your audience will likely be looking for more content related to these trends, and it keeps your brand relevant.

This applies to current events as well. For example, if something is happening in the news that affects your industry, creating a social media post or writing a blog sharing more information about it or how your community is reacting can go a long way in showing your audience that you can be a trusted resource.

Content marketing for senior living is all about finding the right balance. Of course, you want to connect with your target audience, but you also want to provide real data to back up your claims.

Our team at Markentum can help you and your senior living community find that perfect balance in your digital marketing strategy. Through our services, we strive to create quality content that establishes a strong connection with our partners’ audiences while staying true to their voices.

If you would like to learn more about our services and how we can help, reach out to a member of our team for a free evaluation!


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