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The Importance of Authenticity with the Rise of AI

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) becomes more prevalent in the senior living industry, it is essential to remain authentic to your brand.

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Is Lead Nurturing for You?

Markentum is exploring the essence of lead nurturing within the context of senior living communities, unveiling its operational mechanics and providing actionable strategies to cultivate a robust marketing plan that effectively nurtures leads.

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The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Senior Living Marketing

While artificial intelligence (AI) possesses the potential to revolutionize senior living marketing through enhanced customer experiences and operational efficiency, many operators remain on the sidelines, hesitant to tap into this dynamic resource due to a lack of AI knowledge or concerns about privacy and security.

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Reinforcing the Fabric of Your Team

In today’s professional life, where remote work and virtual connections are the norm, gathering in a single place feels novel and a bit old-fashioned. In our increasingly digital and distanced world, an in-person meeting feels like a luxury—superfluous, ineffective, or downright risky.

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Engaging Seniors Through the Power of Social Media Marketing

Hashtags, likes, and followers are the staples of our social interactions, and the myth that the senior demographic is impervious to the allure of social media is quickly losing ground.

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