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Senior Living Marketers.

At Markentum, we geek out on marketing trends, insights, and emerging technologies from all over the senior living market. Here’s what’s on our minds now.

4 Digital Marketing Mistakes: Are You Making Them?

If you’re new to the game and you’re trying to avoid mistakes, Markentum has you covered. We want to share four common mistakes made by newcomers, and even some veterans, of the marketing field and how to avoid them.

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Why Niche Marketing Matters for Senior Living

Having senior living experience gives Markentum a step up because we understand the nuanced language of senior living and the overall goals each of our partners are trying to accomplish.

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Why Your Senior Living Community Needs Email Marketing

No matter the size of your senior living community, you have the ability to reach the right people through email marketing 365 days a year, which can allow your sales team to focus their efforts on other opportunities.

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Lead Nurturing: Turning Leads into Community Move-ins

As more and more senior living communities begin to adopt inbound marketing strategies, the process of nurturing leads is becoming even more important. However, many companies are unfamiliar with what “lead nurturing” means and how it benefits their community.

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