Why Niche Marketing Matters for Senior Living

February 22, 2019

Why Niche Marketing Matters for Senior Living

When running a senior living community, it is always smart to hire employees who have worked in the industry before. Having senior living experience gives an applicant a considerable step up because you already know they would understand the nuanced language of senior living, reduce the time needed to onboard your employees, and prevent embarrassing mistakes.

This idea is arguably even more valid when you are working with a marketing company. Here’s how Markentum is utilizing niche marketing to bring more move-ins for the communities we work with.

Branding_MarkentumWe Create a Team of Experts

We recognize the benefits of niche marketing, and that’s why we teach Markentum’s employees to be experts at two things:

  1. Their expertise
  2. The senior living industry.

For example, we want our Social Media Manager, of course, to know all the ins-and-outs of social media, but they also need to live and breath senior living. That way, every post they create and engagement they have is sensitive to the culture and language of senior living.


Knowing your audience is the key to good marketing. Working solely with senior living organizations allows us to understand how the adult daughter thinks, their pain points, and what actions will get them to act. Understanding the audience on multiple platforms by examining how they engage on social, click on paid ads, and read their blogs allows us to run a finely tuned comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

Our mentality applies to every position that we have in multiple ways:

  • Our PPC specialists know the exact ad copy to run that gets the highest clicks in senior living.
  • Our content writers have years of content data to tell us what blog topics and themes perform the best in the space.
  • Our web designers understand how a website should work to be easy to navigate and generate form submissions.
  • Our inbound marketers have years of experience in running effective marketing automation software and possess the techniques needed to move the adult daughter down the sales funnel.
  • And much more…


We Force Focus Which Creates Meaningful Culture

Because we chose to focus solely on senior living, it allows us to dive deep and learn all about the culture of the senior living industry. Every new technique or tactic that comes into the internet marketing world for us is immediately translated into “How Can We Use This for Senior Living?” It’s with this focus that we can observe the macro trends of digital advertising and know precisely what does and doesn’t work for senior living organizations.

Figure it out GIF_Markentum

On top of that, we create our own culture around senior living. We have a bigger “why” for what we do. We aren’t just a typical digital marketing company that works with any client that comes our way. We have a mission to help families find the right senior living community for the senior in their life. We do this knowing that they’ll take great care of their seniors. It’s that mission that we love to work towards every day.

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If you are looking for an internet marketing company who understands senior living and the strategies it takes to build your brand online and bring move-ins, contact Markentum today.



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