Covering all the Bases

Each Part is Critical

If you want the best results from your internet marketing efforts, be sure to incorporate a strategy that includes all aspects of online marketing.

Be Relevant

In all your online marketing efforts, be sure to make changes or creations that are relevant to your audience and your company.

Consistency is Key

One of the biggest things to remember when implementing an online marketing strategy is that consistency is key. Hang in there and keep pushing.

Web Development Services

Web Development

Markentum employs the growth-driven design approach to web design with month-over-month improvement after initial launch driven by data and strategy.


Branding Services


A strong brand could be the difference you are needing to edge out your competition. Let us help!


Search Engine Optimization Services

Search Engine Optimization

Do you want your senior living community to be easily found online in your local markets? Let us help you get to the top.


Media Services


Our creative team is proud to provide professional, unique media that drives results and is proven to catch your audience’s attention. From personalized videos to branded graphics, we can satisfy all your media needs.


Social Media Management Services

Social Media Management

Go where the people are. Effective social media marketing can help you leverage and build a network of loyal fans and referrals.


Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing

Get your message directly to their inbox. We can help you effectively market your services to future residents and their families through brand building emails.


Pay Per Click Advertising Services

Pay Per Click Advertising

Take your online marketing to the next level by utilizing pay per click advertising through search engines and on social.


Integrated Marketing Services

Integrated Marketing

Don’t stop marketing offline! Let us help you tie all your marketing efforts together for better tracking and return on your investment.


Call Intelligence & Tracking Services

Call Intelligence & Tracking

Don’t just have a phone, track it! We can help you bring valuable data and information into your marketing efforts with our call intelligence and tracking service.


Lead Nurturing Services

Lead Nurturing

Let your sales folks run with your most “sales-ready” leads and never have to worry about the warm ones getting lost again.


Content Marketing Services

Content Marketing

Content is King! Our team will help you create consistent, unique, and relevant content that keeps your online visits engaged!


Reporting & Analytics Services

Reporting & Analytics

Nothing is worth doing unless you can measure it. Our reporting and analytics will help you always know how your marketing efforts are performing and how our team can continue performing!


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