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Traditional web design can be a headache. Mention a website redesign to any executive and be prepared to be met with eye-rolls. That’s because traditional web design is a broken and outdated process. Markentum employs a growth-driven design approach to web design with investment spread out over time and month-over-month improvements driven by data and strategy.

Infinity Development

We aren’t one and done – we understand that a website is an ever-evolving project.


We optimize all website copy to enhance rankings on the search engine results page. We specialize in unique quality content that targets your key demographics to deliver top results.

custom & Responsive design

We use a mobile-first approach through responsive web design and development.

Analytics & Reporting

We use multiple, industry-leading tools to track and analyze the performance of your website.

Our Trusted Process

Lots of practice has made us perfect

  • Planning

    Spending the proper time planning creates a foundation for your website to meet and exceed your marketing goals. To do this, the Markentum team hosts an intensive planning session to determine how your website can reflect your brand. Our planning includes:

    • Understanding your brand archetype and developing target personas.
    • Tailoring your site towards the people you want to reach.
    • Developing a website wireframe of the site to think through the entire user experience.
  • Design

    After understanding your brand and creating a strategy, we focus on aesthetics – like making sure a potential customer’s first impression online is representive of you. Our goal is to create a website that is true to your brand, assists you in achieving your objectives, and can grow with you as your business expands.

  • Copy

    Our content team works with you to understand your voice, target audience, area-specific terms and keywords, and what type of content is most important to you. After establishing those benchmarks, we create optimized, custom copy that works flawlessly with our design.

  • Approval

    Once the website is designed and copy is added, we send mock-ups over for approval. It is important to us that we deliver your dream website and we value your feedback to help us nail your vision.

  • Development

    Once the copy and design are approved, our developers make the magic happen. Our team of experienced web developers will bring our creation to life using the latest responsive web coding standards. Each piece will be thoroughly optimized by an SEO expert making sure every snippet of code is working to bring you increased search ranking.

  • Testing

    Hate bugs? Don’t worry, so do we. We thoroughly check every link, form, and word to ensure your website is running at peak performance for launch day. Our team checks, re-checks, and checks again to make sure all of our i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed before uploading it onto the server and pushing it live.

Infinity Development

Get a Website that grows and changes with you

Growth-Driven Design

Your website should grow with you. Through Infinity Development, our development team takes your website to new levels and improves the overall performance of your website through ongoing changes.


Need to update your team, add an activity calendar, or have a new floorplan? No problem. Each request is automatically added into our task management tool and assigned to a developer who gets the job done.


Our team is your team. We collaborate internally and with you to bring you innovative website updates that make you stand out from your competitors and reflect your identity.

Custom & Responsive Design

A One-of-a-kind website optimized for lead generation


We are the Joneses. Our web team is always proactively learning, improving skills, and staying up-to-date with the latest technology, to develop the latest (and greatest) websites.


Chances are your potential residents and their families are always on the go. That’s why we build your website to be viewed flawlessly on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.


Your custom website is built from scratch using WordPress’s content management system to provide optimal design, care, and functionality on every project.

Analytics & Reporting

Receive increased visibility and insight into website performance

Custom Reporting Dashboards

Reporting dashboards with summarized information that displays business performance and analytics using data sources from hundreds of web services.


Through a snippet of code on your website, we analyze and track website traffic, conversion paths, bounce rates, and more with a clear visualization.


Increase search engine visibility through clean code and small modifications to your website that improve user experience and overall performance.

Our Work

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