Call Intelligence & Tracking

Learn to leverage your community’s phone

Start Listening

Listen. Learn. Leverage.

All of your competitors have a phone, not everyone can leverage it

Phone calls are still a common way people want to interact with your community, especially as they move closer to being move-in ready. We can help you gain valuable intelligence from those phone calls and help your team understand call tracking metrics and leverage the data that we collect every time the phone rings.

Local or 800 Numbers

We can provide you with trackable local or 800 numbers to better leverage every phone call.

Location of Call

Would you like to know how someone got your number without having to ask them each time? We can help with that. Our system allows you to keep track of how each person acquired your phone number and from where they called.

Record Each Call

Every call is recorded and organized for easy access at a later time. Use these recorded calls for staff training, quality assurance, and further insight about your future residents.

Report on Calls

Easily export, digest, and share reports including all your call data to better leverage every ring.

Close the last loop

Don’t let your phone call leads go unnoticed

Dynamic vs Static

We provide each community with Dynamic and Static numbers so that you can track every call being made from all channels of marketing.

HubSpot Leads

Automatically import all new calls and data into your HubSpot portal with our easy integration. Those new call leads will never fall through the cracks again.

Listen for Keywords

Want to know if a competitor is mentioned on a call? Would you like to know when someone asks about pricing? Our system will auto-scrub your calls for specific keywords that are important to you so you don’t have to listen to every call to find the ones you want.