Reporting & analytics

Spend smarter with insight into marketing efforts

Gain marketing insight

Our Reporting Process

We geek out for data

We get it. Data isn’t sexy. You might also think reporting is the worst part of your job, especially if you have to pull information from a million different sources (we’re not exaggerating). How about you let us do that instead?

Easy to Understand

We break down your data into easy to read reports so you can check it out at a glance.

Data-Driven Decision

Let data from your campaigns decide your strategy and where you should invest your marketing budget.

One-On-One Time

A dedicated strategist will sit down with you once per month to discuss your report and future strategy.

Full-Spectrum Reporting

Get insight on both a corporate and community level to see how your marketing efforts are performing.

Comprehensive Analytics

All the numbers add up to give you the complete picture

Critical Thinking

What is working? What improvements can be made? We investigate your analytics and discuss how they are all contributing to your overall growth, then we use that to develop a strategy for the future.

community performance

A successful strategy for your community in Florida won’t necessarily work for your community in New York. We track what’s working and what’s not for your communities and evaluate how to effectively reach each community’s target audiences.

Value Analysis

Return on investment is important and your investments are extremely valuable. We capture and evaluate data to help you understand how your marketing can be tied back to your bottom line.

Reporting Toolkit

Building strong performance into every aspect of your digital presence

Web & Search

Attracting your desired audiences is important. We provide a custom look at who is engaging with your website and where they are coming from.

Lead Nurturing

It’s no secret that lead nurturing can result in more move-ins. We take a look at your customer data to see what touch resulted in a move-in or increased engagement.

Social Platforms

Monitor paid social campaigns, manage social engagement, and see what content sparks website actions with the use of metrics.

Call Tracking

We help you determine where all of your calls are coming from so you can more effectively spend your marketing dollars.

Persona Building

Our unique strategy helps you to build a database of personas that allows your communities to know what type of person continues to look for your services and which are most likely to take action.


When you are spending money on various types of pay-per-click advertising, it is important to know how each campaign, ad, CTA, and landing page is performing. We will make sure you know.

Partner Success Story

Learn how Oaks Senior Living made huge impacts to their lead generation and brand recognition

Oaks senior living - two senior women in the garden photography by markentum

Oaks Senior Living – Denise Salabarria

‘Markentum has been a pleasure to work with. They went above & beyond to truly understand our needs and the message we wanted to convey to those interested in our services. We love our new, clean, user friendly website that truly tells our story. Our social media audience has increased since Markentum has been managing the content. And we have now started to see an increase in inquiries through the website! The transition was seamless. They are a very knowledgeable, professional and fun team to work with. We are very pleased with what we’ve experienced thus far, and we are excited about our internet marketing now, more than ever before.’