Case Study

The Pavilion Senior Living
Paid Advertising


The decline in occupancy across Senior Living due to the COVID-19 pandemic created significant obstacles for senior housing communities. Markentum was tasked with helping our partner, The Pavilion Senior Living, meet their 2020 occupancy goal.


Entering Q4 2020, The Pavilion needed 50 new resident move-ins to meet their end-of-year goal.


  • One obstacle that COVID-19 presented was the inability to travel, hindering Markentum from visiting the community to collect new photo/video assets. We got innovative with non-professional photography and were able to create engaging assets to use in the campaign.

  • Q4 is notorious for being one of the most challenging for advertisers. Due to holidays, politics, and sales, the number of ads and users on social media and search platforms significantly increases, making it more difficult for advertisers to overpower this seasonal “noise” with their existing budgets.

Advertising Obstacles


The Pavilion is located in a hot spot for senior housing, so Markentum wanted to convey what differentiates their community to attract move-in -ready families Through our senior living experience, we know that advertising campaigns that include a discount or offer perform better. A Reduced Rate on Studio Apartments was agreed upon, and this Facebook paid campaign ran from October l – December 37, 2020.

The initial success of this campaign was outstanding; they sold out of Studio Apartments the first month of this promotion. For the remainder of the campaign , we shifted our strategy and advertised their one-bedroom suites with a focus on their screened -in porches. We highlighted these porches as a safe space for families to see and visit their loved ones while remaining socially distant.

Markentum ran three Facebook ads to target people we knew were already “warmed up” to the idea of senior living.

We also ran one mid -funnel level ad promoting a downloadable resource to help move leads farther down the funnel toward being move-in ready.

This campaign also appeared on Google at no extra cost to the partner. We continued our usual search advertising efforts, but added free extensions to highlight the reduced rate offer and screened-in porch feature.


One of the best features of paid advertising is the flexibility and ability to pivot strategy. The Pavilion Senior Living was able to use its advertising budget effectively to reach the right people, engaging with 115 leads during the campaign. Makentum successfully exceeded the move-in goal by acquiring 51 new residents for The Pavilion during a global pandemic – pushing their community near full occupancy.

51 New Residents
115 Leads Engaged