1. Marketing strength or force gained by motion or a series of events.

Marketing that Generates Momentum

Do You Feel Like Your Company Is Standing Still?

Momentum to marketing is like a perfect wind to your sails! It can positively change the course of your culture or give your business the power it needs to crush goals that you could have never even reached before. At Markentum, we believe marketing was never meant to be a magic act of smoke and mirrors. Real marketing momentum is created with the right mix of your companies expertise, a complete understanding of your market, award-winning creativity, and effective measurement of your strategy.

Just Another Marketing Company

Exactly What Senior Living Doesn’t Need

When we decided to launch our company a few years ago, it wasn’t because we felt there was a shortage of “marketing” companies in the senior living space. Frankly, it was because we saw A LOT of other marketing companies simply missing the mark. These concepts should be center of the mark for every senior living company looking to grow or increase their momentum:

Understand the habits of online consumers and have a fully articulated, 360 degree strategy to attract them.

Stay in touch with the ever changing and fast moving world of internet strategy.

Learn to let go of some traditional marketing methods and marry what outbound marketing efforts are left with a full internet marketing approach.

Measure and track everything.

Be fluid and willing to grow and change or you might get left behind.

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