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Why Integrated Marketing?

Inbound vs Outbound vs Both

A lot of inbound and outbound marketing tactics are widely used in senior living, but the best scenario is when these two forms of marketing compliment each other to provide the very best results. Markentum will help you bring these two worlds together and maximize your marketing efforts for each community.

Custom Landing Pages

Create digital landing pages and breadcrumb trails for people to find your communities online from other outbound efforts.

Custom URL’s

Custom URL’s help you to market even more effectively in your local markets while providing additional tracking ability.

Complete ROI Tracking

Gone are the days of wondering how effective your billboards, newspaper ads, or TV commercials were. We will help provide a digital thumbprint on all marketing channels to provide stronger ROI tracking.

Call Tracking

Call Tracking numbers allow your offline or online audience to get in touch with you in a trackable and recordable way. See more info about our call tracking services here.