How to Write Effective Website Copy

December 15, 2020

How to Write Effective Website Copy

We all have a story to tell, but the way in which the story is told determines how effective it is at getting our point across. Words and content hold power. Is your message reaching the right people? Are you telling your story in a way that engages your target audience?

Not only are the design elements and usability of your website important, but you also need to have compelling copy and content that engages your audience. With the use of a strategic content marketing and search engine optimization, you can increase the effectiveness of your website.

To help you get started, Markentum has created a list of seven tips for crafting content that can lead to creating more effective website copy.

Stay True to Your Brand

The voice and tone of the content throughout your website form your brand. Showing your audience your senior living community and telling its story through your perspective is what captivates your audience and encourages them to seek out more information.


Once you have cultivated your brand and decided on how you want to come across to potential residents and families, the most important aspect is consistency. Landing pages, blog articles, and all other pages on your website need to portray the same voice and show a cohesive brand. The same story should be being told on each page, just a different chapter of it.

Always Keep Your Audience in Mind

You can spend hours creating powerful content, but if it does not speak to or reach your target audience, you have wasted your time and efforts. Research what kind of content your audience is searching for and write copy that answers their questions, educates them, and, when appropriate, provides a solution.

Storytelling GIF

When you understand your audience’s needs and wants, you are empowered to craft content that not only reaches them but also encourages them to take action.

Diversify the Text

No one wants to read a long block of text with unending sentences. It is hard to read and boring. By using the below elements, you can break up a website page and make it more inviting, creating an easier read for your audience.

  • Headings
  • Subheadings
  • Bullet points
  • Varying sentence lengths
  • Concise paragraphs

Additionally, this is great for search engine optimization. When you use headings (H1), search engines like Google can crawl the copy and pick out keywords. Your search engine optimization strategy is what gets your website in front of your audience, so make sure that you diversify your website copy accordingly.

Naturally Implement Keywords

Your content marketing and search engine optimization strategy needs to implement keywords that your audience is already searching for. Conduct research and write website copy that naturally includes these specific keywords throughout your pages and blog articles. By doing so, search engines will notice these keywords across your site and rank it higher in search results.

But, remember…

It’s important to keep in mind that your search rankings depend on a variety of other factors beyond keyword implementation.

Link to Relevant Pages and Posts

Improving your website authority is a crucial step to improving your search engine optimization. Backlinking (when an external domain links to your domain) provides the user with additional resources on a topic, while linking to other pages on your site gives individuals access to relevant information without leaving your website. 

Create an Intriguing Call to Action

You have successfully gotten your website in front of your target audience. Now what? Tell them what you want them to do with the information they have found. By creating an intriguing call to action, you encourage users to dive deeper into your content.


Perhaps you create a useful downloadable piece in exchange for an email address, or maybe you invite them to take a tour of your community. Whatever the case may be, make the copy persuasive enough to insist action.

Integrate Complementing Design Elements

As powerful as copy is, your website would not be complete without complementing design elements that highlight your senior living community. Features such as interactive photo galleries, buttons that link to other pages on your website, and informative graphics improve the usability and user experience of your website.

The web design and development team at Markentum creates websites that stay true to each of our partners’ brands and effectively tell their stories. For more information our digital marketing services, contact us for a free evaluation.


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