How Call Tracking Can Enhance Your Lead Generation

May 11, 2021

How Call Tracking Can Enhance Your Lead Generation

When building an integrated marketing strategy, you may feel like you have endless amounts of data regarding your online conversions and who is interacting with your website. But what about people that call your business? Are you tracking how many leads convert from phone calls? Where did those leads originate?

Tracking your efforts across multiple channels is vital, and phone calls in senior living are an essential part of the sales process. In fact, 70% of senior living prospects will call during their decision-making process. On top of that, inbound call leads tend to convert faster and stay with your company longer. This suggests that a vast majority of senior living prospects prefer direct conversations and pick up a phone rather than fill out a web form. 

Now, that may sound like we’re discounting digital advertising, but the opposite is true. As we discovered during the COVID-19 pandemic, digital advertising and an online presence are key to ensuring your audience can easily find and research your company – no matter the situation. Having an easy-to-navigate website allows your prospects to quickly find the information they’re looking for and move through the stages of the buyer’s journey

Since the decision-making process surrounding senior living requires substantial research and thought, phone calls are an important next step in your prospect’s journey. Being able to quantify those phone calls is a crucial component of your marketing strategy and can help improve your lead generation. 

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What is Call Tracking?

Call tracking allows you to create unique phone numbers for each of your marketing efforts. These numbers can be specific to a campaign, ad, or type of media like digital or print. You can also use call tracking on your website to gain insight into how that lead was researching your business. Did they search for you on Google or Bing before calling into the community? 


How Can Call Tracking Increase Conversions?

These numbers are then routed directly to your community’s phone system. While it may seem like an additional step, call tracking allows you to:

Make Conversions Easier

One key benefit of calls, in general, is to help make converting easier for your prospects. Instead of filling out a form, prospects can easily click a phone number to give you a call. 61% of people that search using their smartphone say being able to click on a number to call is the most valuable feature when looking to make a purchase. The easier it is to convert, the less likely potential prospects will be deterred from reaching out for more information. With call tracking, you’ll know exactly where that call came from and what efforts drove them to convert.

Enhance Paid Ads

Call tracking is especially helpful in tracking ROI for paid ads. Adding in a phone number encourages mobile users to call your community, but without being able to track where that call came from, the conversion information in Google Ads or Facebook Ads won’t tell an accurate story of how well your ads are performing. 

Call tracking helps close the loop and track users that saw your ad but may not have taken the time to click through and fill out a form. By utilizing call tracking, you can make sure that you are encouraging conversions by providing various options to your audience and accurately tracking those who choose to reach out.


Know the Effectiveness of Your Physical Media

A key benefit for senior living communities is the ability to quantify the success of traditional or print media. Rather than running print ads with little to no knowledge of whether they brought in new leads, call tracking allows you to gain insight into what types of media work for your community.

By assigning numbers for each of your print sources, you can track which newspapers, billboards, and advertisements are most effective and which deserve the most focus and budget. 


Adjust Your Efforts 

Call tracking allows you to track your various campaigns and marketing efforts, whether digital or print, and make adjustments along the way. By focusing your marketing efforts on the channels that convert effectively, you can ensure your budget and time are not wasted. Call tracking can help improve your lead generation and ensure that you’re optimizing your offerings and communicating through the channels that your prospects prefer. 

Markentum utilizes CallRail to help our partners better track their campaigns and gain insight into what marketing efforts are effective. To learn more about what is possible with call tracking and the benefits of having an agency manage CallRail for you, contact Markentum for a free evaluation! 

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