Case Study

Uplands Village
SEO & Organic Traffic


Organic search is an important part of website performance and a critical component of any buyer’s journey and senior living is no different. Online research and education are key first steps as future residents and family members navigate a new world of senior living. In addition, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) makes websites more visible, leads to more traffic, and creates more opportunities to convert prospects into customers.


With top rankings in community-based keyword searches, Uplands Village wanted to expand its reach and rank on page one for new keywords.


  • Uplands Village is an established community with 100 years of history and service with heavily branded traffic. Markentum’s goal was to leverage non-branded keywords.

  • Locally owned and operated, Uplands Village contends with a nationally branded competitor down the street. Markentum needed to find a way to divert traffic from that competitor and lead them to the Uplands Village website.

Advertising Obstacles

Solution: Strategy & Focus

Uplands Village is an inclusive life plan community in Pleasant Hill, Tennessee, offering all levels of senior care and living. Before building the ongoing content and SEO program, Markentum redesigned and developed the Uplands Village website to enhance the user experience, better explain services and community features, and establish a community blog.

Markentum publishes two blogs per month and creates additional website pages around location-based terms and target keywords, and updates terms frequently to maintain consistent search results.


Since launching the new Uplands Village website, content and SEO strategy in May 2021, organic traffic has increased by 9% and by more than 22% since 2019. By integrating the three projects, Makentum was able to accelerate the results and keep all messaging consistent.

Term: Life Plan Community
Jan. 2023 Ranking: 3
APR. 2021 Ranking: 51+
Term: Retirement Living Community
Jan. 2023 Ranking: 5
APR. 2021 Ranking: 51+
Term: Senior Home Communities
Jan. 2023 Ranking: 6
APR. 2021 Ranking: 51+