Case Study

Live Oak Village
Facebook Campaign


In the aftermath of COVID, many operators looked for new ways to promote their communities. Live Oak Village, a Community Senior Life (CSL) community, wanted to convert passive observers into prospective residents in a way that was consistent with its southern hospitality brand. Markentum chose to leverage Facebook to “soft sell” the community and showcase the resident lifestyles.


Generate 3 additional monthly online lead conversions that led to new move-ins while promoting its AL, IL and unique home ownership models.


  • A Q4 campaign has more competition and can lead to higher ad costs, fewer impressions and weaker results.

  • The community is located in a town of about 22,000 people and the target audience could tire quickly of the ads and fail to engage.

  • The campaigns needed to comply with Fair Housing Guidelines, which restricted our ability to target by age, zip code, income, education level, etc.

Advertising Obstacles


Markentum launched a Facebook campaign that featured authentic, heart-filled testimonials from residents, family, and friends of Live Oak Village. The short videos showcased different perspectives on why the community was recently voted the Best in Baldwin County, and drove viewers to share their own testimonials and positive experiences about Live Oak Village. Using video ads, which the Facebook algorithm prioritizes over static imagery, helped the ads cut through the Q4 ‘clutter’ and achieve high engagement and response within days of launching the campaign.

The campaign included multiple videos; once an audience viewed one video, more were served to increase exposure and overcome the Facebook housing ad policy challenges.


In its first two months, the campaign generated more than 150,000 impressions, 2,500 website clicks, 8,000 full-length video views, and 317 reactions, comments, and ad shares. In addition, there were eight online conversions from prospects who requested additional information or to tour the community.

8 Online Conversions
150K Impressions