Why You Need a Senior Living Marketing Agency

January 17, 2024

Why You Need a Senior Living Marketing Agency

In today’s digital world, marketing is the secret sauce for any business, and yes, that includes senior living communities like yours. You might be wondering, “Do we need a senior living marketing agency?” The answer is a big, fat yes! There are a ton of reasons why, and they range from getting your foundation right to mastering the art of attracting and nurturing the right audience. 

Navigating the Complexities of Senior Living

Saying that the senior living business today is a challenge is quite simply an understatement. From staffing woes to rising costs, senior living operators have their own set of challenges. Your target audience? Unique. Their needs and preferences? Distinctive. The decision-making process? Unlike any other. A senior living marketing agency understands these nuances. It can help you steer through shifts in regulations, competition, and demographics like a pro. And it has the skills and knowledge to build digital marketing strategies that’ll click with your audience, increase your reach, and convert more leads.

Mastering the Website

Let’s face it, many senior living communities skimp on a website. They believe that a simple site with a few blogs is enough to attract and retain a readership. But the reality is that a website needs to match the way your audience researches information. Details about each community within your portfolio need to live within the community pages. Blogs need to be educational and frequent so that the search engines crawl your site frequently. And the graphics need to showcase the lifestyle and energy a resident feels inside of your community. 

Rocking SEO for Senior Living

SEO is not one-size-fits-all. It needs constant attention and feeding to help your community rise to the top of the search lists again and again. Keywords that leverage just your brand name and location might fall flat for your senior living community. An agency that understands marketing for senior living knows the exact SEO strategies that work for senior living communities. They understand the search patterns, preferences, and decision-making process of your potential residents and their families. The result? They can tailor SEO strategies that bring the right traffic to your website and more importantly, keep them there.

Getting Savvy with Paid Ads

Paid ads need a special touch for senior living communities too. Targeting techniques that work in other industries fall flat in senior living because of the restrictions of the Fair Housing Act. A senior living marketing agency knows how to design and run ad campaigns that deliver results day in and day out. They build campaigns that adjust with the seasons and deliver consistent results you can count on. And they know how to leverage different paid media to drive different end results. 

Building Brand Awareness and Trust with Social Media

You see it every day: Social media ads that drive sales. But marketing for senior living is different. Social media is not about sales, it’s about building brand awareness and trust in your senior living community. Your senior living social media strategy has to be different to talk to your unique audiences. Instagram might be the hot choice for fashion brands, but Facebook is your golden ticket to showcase the lifestyles in your community, while LinkedIn will help educate and build trust with family members. Only a senior living marketing agency understands the nuances of your different audiences and the right way to use social media to speak to them. 

Nurturing Leads with Email Marketing

Let’s face it, not every prospect is ready to move in immediately. Sometimes, you have to nurture them, and email marketing is the right tool. That doesn’t mean sending your prospects a newsletter. It means building an email marketing strategy that guides the prospect through his or her own buyer’s journey. An agency expert in senior living digital marketing strategies understands that the journey is influenced by care, financial, and family needs as much as lifestyle desires, and builds email nurture campaigns that nurture your audience from potential leads to happy residents.

The Bottom Line

You might think it’s easier to go with a marketing agency in your town, with an agency that specializes in multi-family, or even try to do it all in-house. But trust us, the benefits of hiring a senior living marketing agency are huge. They understand the value of an exceptional website build, the nuances of SEO, the restrictions (and benefits) of paid ads, the brand effect of social media, and the nurturing ability of email marketing. Bottom line? A marketing agency expert in senior living digital marketing strategies could be the key to finally rebuilding your census to pre-pandemic numbers. 

Senior living marketing is unique. And why wouldn’t it be? Your senior living community is unique, why would you choose to work with a marketing agency that specializes in multi-family marketing, consumer marketing or worse, nothing at all. When done correctly, senior living marketing can be the difference between missing your census numbers and having a waiting list.

If you wonder if your senior living marketing strategies are as good as they can be, request a free evaluation from a marketing agency that does nothing but senior living marketing.

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