How Virtual Tours Can Help in Senior Living Marketing

December 22, 2020

How Virtual Tours Can Help in Senior Living Marketing

If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine how much a virtual experience is worth! In today’s modern-day era of tech-savvy people, the customer experience will always come first. If you do some research, you will see that potential residents and their families are looking for easier ways to engage with your senior living community, especially amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

In order to achieve that, Markentum encourages the use of virtual tours in your senior living marketing. 

What are Virtual Tours?

Virtual tours allow people to take a visual walkthrough of your community from anywhere, anytime. They can check out every room and corner of the building with a few clicks.

Compared to photos and videos, this technology offers a more accurate and realistic experience. They allow potential residents and their families to get a sense of the community before spending time in person touring. This is just one of the many positives. 

triangle-branding95% of people are more likely to call about properties with 3D virtual tours.

What are some benefits of Virtual Tours?

1.   Best Way to Display Your Senior Living Community

A proper virtual tour will highlight all the rooms and spaces in a community. A user will be able to navigate on their own and move from one room to another, go to all the floors, and check out every detail of the property.

Plus, you can include information points where a person can click to get details. This means that you can inform the user of anything exclusive regarding certain features or areas of the community. This gives the user the feeling of actually being at the community.

2. Promotes Safety

Whether it’s a global pandemic or flu season, virtual tours allow potential residents and their families to view your community without the risk of spreading or catching an illness. Not only do virtual tours showcase your property, but they also emphasize your brand’s commitment to health and safety.


3.  Save Time

You likely get regular calls from people that want to know more about your community and set appointments for tours. While these people are interested, they don’t have a visual of the community. They are only interested based on the images you provided on your website, social media pages, marketing materials, etc., which can lead to an increase of “lost” opportunities.

There are also probably cases where you invest your time and effort to encourage people to take a tour, but they reject it based on your photos that may be outdated or stock imagery that doesn’t show your property. By providing a virtual tour on your website, the person calling you already knows how the place looks and how it is organized. Them wanting to move forward with an in-person tour shows that they like how the community looks and feels, and are eager to take next steps. 

Queer Eye GIF
As a result, you won’t have to waste hours giving mildly interested people tours of the community. You can start receiving calls from potential residents with greater intent to move in.

4.  Stand Out from the Crowd

Virtual tours can give you a competitive edge and make your senior living community stand out. They will add that “wow” factor to your property. On top of that, it will build trust with your potential customers because you are showing them a real-life picture of the community and what you offer. 

triangle-branding300% greater engagement with virtual tours versus 2D imagery (Vacasa).

Today’s internet users are more receptive to content that shows them what they’re missing and allows them to interact. People are attracted to content they can touch, visualize, and quickly understand. A virtual tour addresses these needs, so you’ll see more substantial results in your digital marketing services.

As a digital marketing agency, Markentum is always looking for new and innovative ways to enhance the user experience and highlight our partners’ communities. If you interested in learning more about virtual tours, we encourage you to contact us today!


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