A Multi-Channel Lead Generation Strategy Will Keep Your Lead Funnel Full

June 8, 2023

A Multi-Channel Lead Generation Strategy Will Keep Your Lead Funnel Full

Markentum consistently beats the industry’s averages for cost per lead for our senior living clients. It’s no surprise then that the number one question I am asked is “how can we attract more leads?” While it is possible to see future residents click on an ad, schedule a visit and move in quickly, it’s more likely that they will take more nurturing to get to that point. We recommend a multi-channel strategy to guide your buyer’s journey. 

Paid advertising drives the top and bottom of the sales funnel

Paid ads serve two purposes in senior living: 1). They drive awareness and engagement in those future senior living residents and family members who are just starting their research journey; 2). They drive action for the actively looking. The key to success is to use the right platform to achieve the desired result. 

Consumers today use Facebook to be entertained and educated. You should use it to drive awareness of resident activity, educate the market, and promote events. In other words, use Facebook, and its fraternal twin, Instagram, to drive people into the top of your sales funnel. On the flip side, consumers use Google when they have “buyer’s intent.” We use Google to drive bottom-of-the-funnel appointment setting for our senior living clients. 

Organic social keeps your community top of mind

Used with other digital marketing strategies, organic social is a great way to stay in front of your target market. Use a combination of posts to showcase your culture, your team, and your events. Use images, video and content to engage your audience the way they want to be engaged. 

Email marketing nurtures the funnel

It’s important to understand your buyer’s journey because most of your future residents will take their time when choosing a senior living community. You can guide that decision-making process with email marketing-based lead nurturing. Nurture the leads you received from your paid ads with an email sequence that guides their selection of care levels, community amenities, and even move-in timing. 

Communities with consistent lead flow also use content–blogs, articles, surveys, eBooks, checklists, and videos–to educate buyers and help them imagine their lives within their communities. Use content as a strong CTA in all media channels to engage your audience, especially in lead nurturing. 

Public Relations showcases the softer side of senior living 

News cycles have the power to reach audiences far beyond the aforementioned strategies. Senior living PR companies specialize in finding the human-interest stories that will capture the hearts of your market. We can recommend one!

Direct mail still works 

In the era of digital marketing, we sometimes forget that our target audience likes to receive mail. A well-placed direct mail campaign is a powerful way to reinforce your other strategies. Use it strategically to promote specific events to get the best results. 



A well-managed lead funnel can be the difference between a full community and one struggling with census. Your future senior living residents and their families rely on different channels of information to make their decisions. Your marketing strategy needs to include multiple channels to attract your target market. 

Does your lead generation strategy need a makeover? Request your free evaluation today and find out!!

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