Is Your Brand Truly Alive?

January 29, 2024

Is Your Brand Truly Alive?

Handsome Dex - KimA few months ago, I lost my beloved chocolate lab. Shortly after canceling a recurring order with Chewy, I received a heartfelt condolence card from the Chewy team. Chewy is more than a company, it’s a brand that truly understands the importance of a pet-parent bond. From their commercials to customer service, Chewy’s brand is present in everything they do.

Does your senior living community have the same level of brand immersion? 

Your Marketing Brand Should Resonate from Every Corner

In the world of senior living, branding is an oft-misunderstood marketing strategy. The reality: It’s much more than just a logo or a set of visual elements. It’s an experience that should permeate every corner of your community.

Your brand is the story that unfolds when someone steps into your senior living community. It’s the aroma wafting from the dining area, the laughter echoing from the activity rooms, and the warmth exuded by your staff. It’s the personality of your organization, your people, and yes, even your residents.

When a resident chooses your community, they are choosing a lifestyle, a culture, a ‘home.’ Your brand should reflect this sentiment. It should resonate with their aspirations and their need for comfort, respect, and a fulfilled life.

It’s your senses that pick up on a brand first. Let’s take a closer look at how your brand can come alive in every aspect of your community.

The Power of Scent

When you walk into a bakery, you’re instantly greeted by the smell of freshly baked bread. This aroma is part of the bakery’s brand and creates a memorable experience for customers.

In the same way, your senior living community should have a distinct scent that reflects your brand’s personality and values. From the parking lot and lobby to the common rooms and hallways, every area should have a consistent and pleasant fragrance that says something about your community and leaves a lasting impression on visitors.

A Taste to Remember

Dining is more than just providing sustenance – it’s an opportunity for social interaction and indulgence in culinary delights. Your dining services should reflect your brand, from the quality and variety of meals, to its presentation and accommodation of dietary needs.

Does your community have a casual or upscale dining experience? Does it align with your brand’s values and the lifestyle you offer? These are important questions to consider when assessing your brand immersion.

Activities That Align

Activities in a senior living community should be engaging, stimulating, and aligned with your senior living community’s brand values. For example, if your brand promotes fitness and well-being, do you offer yoga classes or nature walks? If lifelong learning is a pillar of your brand, are there book clubs, craft workshops, guest lectures, and even educational partnerships?

A well-curated activity program that mirrors your brand’s ethos can greatly enhance the overall resident experience.

Sounds That Resonate

Did you know that clinically proven music can reduce depression and agitation in seniors? In fact, studies by Coro Health and UC Davis prove that music plays a significant role in the residents’ overall experiences because “music lights up neurons between the right and left hemispheres of the brain.”  

Music is an essential tool for creating a positive environment – one that aligns with your marketing brand.

Think about the role of sound in your community. Is music used strategically to drive specific behaviors? Does it increase appetite around mealtime or calm residents at sundown? Does it have an underlying theme that reflects your brand’s personality? These are all important factors to consider when evaluating your brand immersion.

Visuals That Speak Volumes

What do you notice when you walk into your community? While a visual brand might invoke the question of your logo and colors, your community’s visual brand is so much more than that. From the color scheme to artwork, even the presentation of food, every detail contributes to creating a cohesive brand experience. The world is ultimately your canvas when it comes to making your brand stand out visually. Use all of it!

The Heart of Your Brand: Your Team

While services and the physical environment play a significant role, it’s ultimately the people who bring your senior living brand to life. The team—from the sales directors and concierge to the executive director and caregivers—plays a pivotal role in exemplifying your brand. Their interactions with residents and their family members can make or break the brand experience.

Just like how Chewy celebrates the special bond between pets and their owners in every aspect of their brand, your team should also consistently reinforce your senior living community’s brand promise.

Make Your Brand an Experience

Your brand is not just a logo or a color palette – it’s an immersive experience that touches every aspect of your senior living community. From the scent that greets visitors to the taste of meals, from the range of activities to the demeanor of your staff, every detail matters.

In a competitive senior living market, a strong and resonating brand can be the difference between being just another community and being a beloved home. Take some time to reassess your brand and make sure it truly comes alive in every corner of your community. Your residents will thank you for it. 

Markentum is a full-service marketing agency that helps senior living operators and vendors power their marketing momentum and drive sustainable growth. That marketing engine starts with your brand. If you are not sure if your brand comes alive in the daily routines, interactions, and experiences of your residents, ask us for a brand assessment


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