The Evolving Language of the Senior Living Industry

September 8, 2020

The Evolving Language of the Senior Living Industry

As a senior living marketing agency, Markentum stays up-to-date on the ever-evolving senior living industry to keep our partners competitive and educate those looking for care.

One of the ways we inform individuals and families on senior services is through keyword research and content creation. Over 90% of online experiences start with a search engine. Whether specific (“what is Markentums mailing address”) or broad (“digital marketing agency in daytona beach”), organic searches allow users to research, compare, and find the answers they are looking for. 

As with other areas of health and wellness, the senior living industry is one that requires an element of education because many users and families aren’t sure what they need or what options are available. For this reason, users tend to resort to outdated or stereotypical terms to start their search process. Our job at Markentum is to find a balance of incorporating the words and phrases that users are searching for to provide them with resources on how to understand and navigate senior care. 

“We never want to use the word facility.”

We hear this line quite a bit from our partners, and we completely understand. The term “facility” is typically associated with hospitals or other medical institutions, fostering an image of cafeteria food and short-term stays.

Today’s senior living communities are anything but. They are inviting, caring, and in some cases, even luxurious. They offer long-term, maintenance-free living for residents and guests with unique dining experiences and varying levels of care to meet the needs of the individuals and families they serve. However, for an adult daughter who is just realizing her mother needs additional support and has never associated with senior living, facility is likely a word she will consider – “assisted living facilities near me.”

To improve search engine rankings and increase organic traffic, Markentum strives to incorporate these terms into our digital marketing efforts. For example, making a page title “Assisted Living Community & Facility in Daytona Beach.”

“We are not a nursing home.”

We know that the senior living industry wasn’t always as robust as it is now with varying levels of care and types of communities. At one time, an older adult either received care at home from a medical aid or family member, or moved into a nursing home. Over time, as senior living communities became more prevalent, it became a common misconception that these communities were all nursing homes, and unfortunately, this continues today.

For this reason, we create blog articles and resources to educate users on the different types of care and communities. For example: 

  • An eBook titled Assisted Living Communities vs. Nursing Homes
  • Or, (if applicable) a blog called Understanding Skilled Nursing Homes

Content Guide-CTA 

“We want to avoid saying senior or highlighting age.”

Markentum believes in taking steps to combat ageism and the stereotypes surrounding aging. We create content and digital marketing pieces that empower individuals and highlight the wisdom and life experiences older generations share.

Once again, our goal is to educate and be found for the words or phrases your audience is searching for. A daughter who is the primary caregiver for her mother, who is 80 years old, may research “sleeping tips for seniors.” While her broad search is about sleeping habits, she wants to narrow down her search results to ensure she is provided information that pertains to older adults.

We strive to create content that achieves this, highlighting a general topic but incorporating facts and aspects as they pertain to those 65 years and older.

The Future of Senior Living

As baby boomers and future generations reach retirement age and consider senior living options, the language and landscape of the industry will continue to change. Our mission at Markentum is to continue to grow and evolve with the industry. We work hard to combine digital marketing knowledge and trends with relevant language and information surrounding the senior living industry.  

If you are looking for a digital marketing agency that knows senior living, we encourage you to contact us for a free evaluation. We are ready to learn more about your brand and goals and educate others on senior living and senior care options.


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