Call Intelligence 101: Getting the Most from Your Community’s Calls

October 19, 2021

Call Intelligence 101: Getting the Most from Your Community’s Calls

For senior living communities, call tracking can be a valuable component of a digital marketing strategy. It can close the loop on your reporting and track how well each of your campaigns is performing. Typical call tracking software will provide basic data on where each lead comes from and what activity, such as page views or ad clicks, led to that person making a phone call.

But call tracking without additional automation can easily turn into yet another program to maintain. Adding call intelligence can help lighten the load on your sales reps and eliminate the need to go in and manage leads in a second system.


What is call intelligence?

Call intelligence refers to automation within the call tracking platform that helps to qualify and categorize leads. Call intelligence can come in several forms, including lead scoring, call transcriptions, and keyword spotting. Markentum has compiled a few of the most important benefits of call intelligence and how it can enhance your current call tracking experience.

Qualifying Leads – The Easy Way

Possibly the most significant benefit of call intelligence is the ability to automate qualifying leads. Without call intelligence, sales reps must go into the call tracking platform and manually mark each call as qualified or unqualified. While this process is simple, it just adds yet another thing for sales reps to remember on top of working their leads.

Call intelligence can automatically mark leads as qualified or unqualified based on preset criteria. Automating this process helps save time and makes ROI reporting accurate with minimal input from your sales team. Qualifying leads also helps determine which channels are performing and helps you easily identify which campaigns you need to put more time and money into cultivating.

Transcribe Calls

While most call tracking platforms offer call recording, transcribing calls takes call recording to the next level. By having calls transcribed, sales reps and managers can scan a conversation rather than having to listen to each call individually.

In addition, transcribing can help capture important information from the call, such as dates, and help the rep easily identify their next course of action. While this seems like a small benefit, it paves the way for the powerhouse of call intelligence – keyword spotting.

Keyword Spotting

Using AI, call intelligence can identify predetermined keywords, such as tour or visit, and tag them in the call transcription. This helps the software separate calls where leads have expressed interest in moving forward from callers inquiring about a current resident. By tagging calls in this manner, sales managers can quickly determine which recordings are worth listening to or which leads should be focused on. This helps your sales teams be more effective and can streamline call audits used to train your team.


Keyword spotting is crucial and allows you to set up rules to automate actions throughout the rest of the software. For example, when a caller schedules a visit, you can assign a lead score to that lead, add a monetary value for an ROI report, and set that lead as qualified.   

This feature of call intelligence can also help you identify the language your audience is using. For example, you can see if callers are asking about dining or independent living more often than your other services. This insight allows you to tailor a campaign to address the questions your sales reps are getting or provide more information to leads interested in one aspect of your business.

Lead Scoring

By transcribing a call and using keyword spotting, call intelligence can score your leads. Providing a lead score can help your sales teams know at a glance which leads are more qualified. This data is insightful and shows which campaigns provide qualified leads and leads that are more likely to convert.

Call intelligence adds the power of automation to your call tracking platform. For example, keyword spotting and lead scoring help you and your sales team easily identify how well your campaigns are generating leads and how many of those leads could turn into customers.

Want to know more? Markentum utilizes CallRail to help our partners better track their campaigns and gain insight into what marketing efforts are effective. To learn more about what is possible with call intelligence and the benefits of having an agency manage CallRail for you, contact Markentum for a free evaluation! 


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