Is A/B Testing for You? A Senior Living Digital Marketing Best Practice

November 1, 2023

Is A/B Testing for You? A Senior Living Digital Marketing Best Practice

Ever wonder if one headline might grab a reader’s attention more than another? Or if your prospects might respond better to an offer for free parking or a meal discount? Whether you have a comprehensive marketing strategy or are planning a quick sales offer, you can implement A/B testing yourself. 

What is A/B testing?

It is a marketing best practice to evaluate the effectiveness of two concepts simultaneously by testing a control version (A) against a variant version (B). It can be very formal, using expensive software, or informal using a manual count. Any senior living digital marketing team can do it by following these simple tips.  

  1. Limit your variables. An effective test limits the changes between A & B to truly identify the effect of the changes. If you have significant differences between your two test versions, it will be hard to understand what elicited the change. This means testing one concept at a time such as two offers, or two headlines. 
  2. Create a Sufficient Sample Size. You need enough traffic to capture statistically significant evidence to support your conclusion. Sample size can vary significantly based on type of experiment but make sure you have enough data to deliver meaningful results.
  3. Use Critical Metrics. Your experiment should consider factors that affect your important senior living digital marketing metrics such as opens, responses, tours, qualified leads, and sales. This last point is important: It is easy to get caught up in testing and lose sight of why you are testing. Always keep your outcome in mind and your tests fast and simple!

Take Your Testing to the Next Level

If you test concepts just occasionally, don’t invest in a testing tool. If A/B testing is an integral part of your senior living digital marketing programming, consider these inexpensive tools available to help you conduct and measure formal A/B tests quickly. 

Meta Ads A/B Testing. If you are advertising with Meta, check out the embedded tool in the Ad Center to create A/B tests for Facebook and Instagram ads. 

VWO. VWO is a website–based platform to help you conduct experiments and understand how to influence visitor behavior on your website. Much less expensive than many of the other options, VWO still gives you access to powerful testing ability through an easy-to-use interface. Check them out here. 

There are of course additional tools to consider if you are a serious A/B tester. If you need help with your A/B testing, look no further than the digital marketing agency for senior living – Markentum. A/B testing helps us determine the best wording on website copy, landing pages, forms, and even email subject lines. For more information, contact us today.

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