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Chris Mohrman - Director of partner success at markentum

Chris Mohrman


With experience in non-profit and for-profit sectors, Chris enjoys advancing community development, relationship building, and marketing. Traveling to many varied places around the world has given him the important understanding that location and people play an equally integral role in shaping unique and beautiful cultures and communities. He loves working with the Markentum team and helping each partner grow their marketing initiatives, while advocating for active senior lifestyle. Chris, with his wife Kerri and daughter Ellie, enjoy exploring the beautiful state of Florida and going on outdoor adventures!

Tighe O’Connor - Creative director at markentum

Tighe O’Connor

Creative Director

Tighe has explored different and unique ways to create digital media for the last six years but has always had a love for creating. During his career, He has become an award-winning photographer, videographer, and animator. Intent on staying ahead of the curve, he is always looking for the next digital medium to use to tell a story. Tighe has been part of the Markentum team and the senior living industry for two years and has immersed himself in learning the intricacies of the unique problems faced by aging adults and senior living providers.

Jill Fiala - Partnership consultant at Markentum

Jill Fiala

Partnership Consultant

Jill Fiala brings over 15 years experience in working with the senior population. From Cardiac Rehabilitation to Senior Living, Jill found her true passion in showcasing senior living communities for all they have to offer. She is excited to see all aspects of senior living shine, as well as seeing her team shine while promoting our partners. She understands first hand what is needed for marketing, whether it be one community or a chain of communities. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge and giving to others for the greater good of helping seniors. Jill, alongside the entire Markentum team specialize in web development, SEO/SEM optimization, inbound marketing, and social media to enhance your brand online.

Garrett Johnson - Web architect at markentum

Garrett Johnson

Web Architect

Garrett Johnson began his web development career after serving six years in the US Navy. During that time he received training certificates and degrees in Game Art & Design and IT. Through that journey, he learned what he wanted to do and that sparked his passion for developing and building websites. He started his professional career at CoCentrix where he helped develop an Electronic Medication Administration Record and Computerized Physician Order Entry system. During that time, he continued to pursue as a web developer and did some freelance work to expand his professional skills while continuing to keep up with the latest technology and coding standards. Garrett strives to provide the highest of quality and expectations and makes sure to stay intimately involved throughout the entire development process. His success is attributed to his hard work, motivation, and passion for web design and development. On the Markentum team, Garrett brings great energy, innovative ideas, and new ways of thinking to each project he works on.

Chelsea Munizzi - Social media expert at markentum

Chelsea Munizzi

social media expert

Chelsea Munizzi grew up outside of the Orlando area and went to school for Digital Media at Daytona State. With a background in sales and marketing, she found a strong and growing passion for social media and creating an online presence for brands. Her passion for people and community comes from her upbringing where her parents pioneered and pastor at a local church. Here at Markentum, she creates custom content for our clients’ social media platforms. She creates unique social content comprised of educational articles, inspiring stories, custom infographics and Facebook events. She also manages brand reputation and helps navigate through online reviews, comments, and messages to ensure clients have active and healthy social media accounts, so they do not have to worry about it!

Valerie Stephen - Content creator at markentum

Valerie Stephen

Content Creator

Valerie Stephen graduated from the University of Central Florida with a B.S.B.A. in Marketing. She has helped various companies and completed numerous projects to achieve brand awareness and recognition. She has a passion for marketing and being creative. Here at Markentum, Valerie holds a high comprehension of how search engines work in relation to material produced. Content is at the heart of all marketing and being the Content Creator Valerie can deliver unique content. She creates articles that are industry-related and targeted to a specific consumer. Valerie is talented in creating compelling pieces and has the ability to expand brand awareness in innovative ways.

Loreal Hiscock - Inbound Specialist at markentum

Loreal Hiscock

Inbound Specialist

Loreal was born and raised in Central New York, but made the move to Florida in August 2016 and brings over five years of marketing experience to the Markentum team. She works to develop effective strategies that will drive visitors to our clients’ websites. She also manages clients’ HubSpot portal – which helps determine who is visiting a clients’ website, what content they are engaging with, and helps to nurture and facilitate the clients’ relationship with their visitors. Loreal has developed a passion for digital marketing techniques and enjoys collaborating with clients to help tailor their marketing strategy to reach and exceed their goals.

Alex Martin - Web and SEO specialist at markentum

Alex Martin

Web & SEO Specialist

Alex Martin has lived in the Daytona Beach area all of his life. With almost a decade of web development experience, Alex has developed a strong passion for bringing elegant, quality web solutions to his various partners and clients. For the Markentum team, he works to implement a variety of web solutions – including source code optimizations, SEO, and web development. In his off time outside of work he coaches swim league and teaches seniors how to use their personal technology at the Ormond Beach Family YMCA.

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